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Welcome to our Elite Basset Hound's Kennel Page

Interested in a puppy?

We work very differently from other kennels/breeders. In order to get a puppy from our breeding program, you must get on our pre-order list. To learn more click above.

Breeding Program

Interested in getting a puppy from us but want to know what we are all about. Visit our breeding program page to learn about us.


Please view our promotions page for all current/valid promotions available to new pre-orders.

Why Choose Us?


"We believe communication is a vital part of our program. We go over and beyond to ensure we keep our clients updated. We will always try to answer any questions a client has as we know that sometimes things can get confusing and frustrating, so we want to make sure that reduce that with clear communication. We don't want someone having a bad experience with us merely because the information was not clear from the start. To decrease the amount of confusion and to ensure clients stay informed we created a sperate site just for our clients to log in and check on the pre-order status as well as any additional updates monthly. "

-- Communication
Unique Program

"Unlike other kennels that have programs focused on just producing puppies, ours is very different. Our program was designed to give both puppies and new puppy owners the best fresh start on their journey. We start that by genetically testing our lines. Our selection process doesn't focus on irrelevant information but core facts to match our clients with their ideal puppy based on the client's preference. That is why clients only are paying to be apart of our program and not paying for a puppy. We want to focus on the service aspect of the industry which has helped us have a 98% success rate with our matches. "

-- Unique Program
Unique Warranty

"We have a one of a kind warranty for all of our clients. Our warranty is for 1-10 years depending on the breed and includes a lot of perks you will not find with another kennel. Our warranty covers genetic health testing for several testable illnesses as we want to ensure we not passing down illness or making puppies more prone to get them. We also do annual eligible vet cost reimbursements that are not covered by the pet insurance. Finally, we have theft coverage and accidental death coverage. We know losing a pet can be difficult and do not want our clients to have to worry about getting another one. "

-- Unique Warranty
Microchip & GPS Tracking Collar

Microchip & GPS Tracking Collar

Never lose your pet again with a GPS tracking collar and microchip implant.You can also track your dog's daily activity. Free with any Pre-Order

Gift Packages

Gift Packages

All pre-order clients will receive a free gift package that will include essentials for the arrival of their future puppy.

Free Puppy

Free Puppy

Clients on our pre-order list program are eligible for a free puppy as apart of the pre-order list.

Free Pet Insurance

Free Pet Insurance

All clients are given a free 30-day setup for pet insurance that starts from the time you pick-up your puppy. This gives your puppy a great start that you can continue at a planned rate or discontinue after the free 30 days.

Our Guarantee

If you're looking for a Basset puppy our kennel is the best choice. We offer 24/7 email support, 10-year Full health/genetics warranty, free spay/neuter, and much more that makes our kennel the best Basset kennel in the United States. We guarantee all puppies to be healthy and socialized when they arrive at your home. We put animal welfare above everything else.