How To Become A Branch

The process is relatively easy. Whether or not you are just starting out or already have an existing kennel, you can become a branch of Elite Basset Hounds. If you have a current kennel set up, it will likely be faster to get things started as it would involving change very little of what you already do. If you are interested, please complete the buyer application and select the Branch option. 

So why become a branch?

  1. You are protected from getting sued by customers. We will handle most of the customer service, and if any legal proceedings take place, then the customer can only sue us in our home state and not you. This allows you to focus on the work of caring and raising the dogs. 
  2. We have a sound system that works. Our pre-order process, puppy selection, and delivery system are already in place. 
  3. We handle all customer transactions such as all pre-orders for your branch, contracts, disputes, website design, marketing and much more.
  4. You are given access to use our logos, names, trademarks and website material as long as you are a branch. You are the legal extension of the parent company.
  5. The security of knowing all of your puppies will be going to a home that has been verified and approved to be a good home.  
  6. A check is issued to you 24 hours after your puppies have been delivered to their new homes.
  7. We can provide your customers with more perks to doing business with you and increase your overall yearly revenue, even if you only want to do it as a hobby.

Just Starting Out?

If you are starting out breeding becoming a branch is a great way to start out. Why? Well, it is because we already know what we are doing and can provide you will the support you need to be genuinely successful. Our goal is to have every branch be able to offer the same level of professional care, and quality to not only your animals but to your customers as well. This will help you build an excellent reputation in the event you choose to leave us as a branch.  We want every department to succeed and to be profitable but never at the expense of the animals or the customers. A lot of beginning breeders or kennels don’t have the right mentor and end of going into the red and staying there for years. Being a reputable breeder/kennel doesn’t mean you have to be financially struggling one. There is no reason why you can’t be both. A lot of “old school” breeders believe if you’re taking optimal care of your dogs and providing top of the line service then you can’t be profitable. That is just not true. Most people don’t realize you really must know how to run a business to have a successful kennel to be your career.  

What if I don’t want to be a branch anymore?

If at any time you don’t want to work as a branch for us you can terminate your agreement. We only want to work with people who want to work with us. We do hope you will stay on for a very long time.