Is Elite Basset Hounds A Puppy Mill?

Overview of Information

Is Elite Basset Hounds a puppy-mill? That is an excellent question, and the answer is a no once you have read this article. First, let’s go over what is a puppy mill. That question alone is challenging to answer because, despite what you might have heard, there is no legal definition of a puppy mill. Surprising, I know. So we have reviewed a few credible sources to formulate a consensus of what is a puppy mill. A puppy mill is typically a sizeable dog-breeding facility with the primary goal to make as much money as possible. They do this to maximize profits at the expense of the dogs suffering in deplorable conditions. They typically sell to pet stores or brokers and those that sell to the public offer little to know health guarantee on the dogs they produce. Puppy-mills will usually avoid high-quality food, proper cleaning methods, adequate housing, and health-care for the dogs. Most dogs are confined for their entire life, and once they are of no longer use auctioned-off or killed. See sources below.

So now that we have established what a puppy mill is, we can now go through how the kennel doesn’t even come close to the definition. The first thing is that kennel’s primary goal is not money. Yes, the kennel is a company like any other, and it must be profitable to continue operations. However, our primary goal is breed research, development, and preservation. Each of our program goals is designed to achieve a goal for the betterment of the breed. That is why we do not sell puppies. We instead offer puppies to our clients that have purchased one of our program packages. This is a mutual beneficial aspect of our kennel. Clients end up with everything in their packages while we can focus on our program goals. It funds our breeding program to achieve our goals, ensures all dogs have access to proper veterinary care, high-quality food, large play areas, and much much more. We spend, on average about $500-$1000 a month on just routine vet care for adults and puppies. Our dogs are taken on daily walks and have a few acres of a fenced-in play area which has lots of interactive elements. All of our dogs and puppies have genetic health testing done, so we know what we are producing with confidence. We do not care how long it takes to place a puppy as one of our goals is finding the best match for a puppy and not who has the most money. Puppies will often stay with us for months until the right home is located. We care a great deal about the happiness of our dogs and their well-being. The kennel also has been working to preserve the breeds through frozen cells to clone the breeds if ever needed.

In short, despite what others will try to tell you Elite Basset Hounds is the fantastic example of what a responsible and ethical kennel should look like in reality.

What Is a Puppy Mill?

Why Are We Different?

    • We place the animal’s well-being over profit
    • We genetically health test all breeding stock and puppies and list available on our site all the test we run on our lines
    • Our animals receive essential one on one time and group playtime in a customized 100 ft by 100ft run built just for Bassets.
    • We have programs based on research, development, and preservation of the breed
    • We offer up to a 10-year warranty which covers health/genetics, accidental death, theft, and eligible vet care reimbursements.
    • We do not discriminate against anyone, but we do screen all applications
    • We do not sell to pet stores, labs or brokers
    • We provide clients with updates on their puppy until it leaves.
    • We ensure our dogs are well socialized and exercised on a daily bases.
    • All dogs are groomed regular and are trained under our training program
    • Our dogs do not live in cages their entire life. We crate train all of the dogs though as all dogs need a den/safe space.
    • Our dogs have specialized diets for their needs and given vitamins every day.
    • We put in hundreds of hours and hundreds if not thousands of dollars into each breeding regardless if it has successful results or not.
    • We will avoid euthanizing any animal. We will always exhaust all resources even if there is just a 10% chance of recovery/survival. All of our dogs are treated better than best in breed
    • We never “get rid” of retired dogs. They are sterilized and get to enjoy their remaining decade of life with people that love them.
    • All puppies are sterilized before leaving as we rarely give breeding rights out to individuals or other breeders.

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