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All payments/deposits will follow our “No change of mind” refund policy. If a refund can be given then it will be done so on an individual contract base as to be determined by the BREEDER. No Cash refunds will be provided at any time. In the event a refund is required it will be given as a credit card refund, money order or cashier’s check within 90 days of the refund initiated date by the kennel. No refund will be given for but not limited to: puppy personality, compatibility, gender, color/markings of the puppy, change of mind, after taking the puppy home, etc..If a dispute over a refund arises then the Buyer understands that the BREEDER will make the final decision on the refund issue. If for any reason the BUYER does not want the puppy then the BUYER must inform the BREEDER in writing of this request and the BUYER will not be entitled to a refund or a puppy any longer. The refund policy is subject to change at any time at the kennel discretion.
All deposit/preorder deposits are non-refundable. If a refund is given it is given at the Breeders discretion. The kennel cannot control uncontrollable factors to do with a bred female or heat cycle as these are acts of mother nature. The kennel can give the best-educated guess of whelping dates based on the available evidence.
Until the Buyer has fulfilled their contract obligations the Breeder will still have legal ownership of the puppy even if the puppy is not in the Breeders possession at the time.
We reserve the right to refuse any transaction to any current or potential buyer if they threaten the kennel in anyway or fashion if they do not complete terms of the contract or indicate they would not have bought a puppy from us.
All promos, unless specified, only apply to new customers for pre-order or current litter(post whelped) contract purchases. Promo codes cannot be used on any current in place contracts as contract terms cannot be changed.
The Kennel reserves the right to change delivery/pickup dates.
The warranty expressed in the kennels contracts is only valid for the puppy purchased from the kennel. At no point in time can it be transferred to any other person besides the expressed BUYER’S spouse If this puppy is transferred to another owner without notifying the BREEDER then the BUYER may be subject to fee’s or fines as established by the current laws of the Breeder’s state. The 1-year limited warranty only covers the replacement of a sick or diseased animal if a licensed veterinarian has deemed that the illness/disease did not come from neglect of the BUYERS. The full warranty includes everything in the limited warranty plus accidental death and thief coverage. Accidental death replacement is only valid if a licensed veterinarian has deemed that the puppy died from an “accident” such as getting run over by a car. An autopsy must be done on the animal mentation in this contract by a licensed veterinarian within 48 hours of death for BUYER to place a claim on this warranty. If the dog is stolen, the kennel will replace the puppy only if a valid police report is presented on the theft. If it is determined that the animal was only stolen to get another puppy, then the proper legal actions will follow. There are 30 days waiting period on all stolen dog claims before a replacement dog can be given the BUYER. The full comprehensive warranty will cover only eligible animal clinic reimbursements of up to $100.00 per warranty year. Eligible expenses are to be determined by the kennel and its policies. The Kennel will not reimburse funds already taken care of by a 3rd party such as a pet insurance provider. If animal replacement is an option and the animal is deceased, and all terms and conditions have been met the BUYER will have the option get another puppy of the same breed when the next available litter has been whelped. BUYER must keep said puppy on NuVet Plus for the entire term of the warranty and use the order code 19831 when making an order online or by phone. If BUYERS fails to have said puppy on the supplement at any time during this warranty period, then BUYER forfeits rights to this warranty. BUYER must keep the said puppy up-to-date on required vaccinations, worming, and heartworm prevention medications. Buyer must have the said puppy check by a licensed veterinarian at least (1) time a year for any health problems. If any exists BUYER must inform the Breeder of the problems. BUYER must feed the said puppy one of the following brands of dog food: Royal Canine, Science Diet, Purina, Eukanuba, Blue or Iams. However, BUYER can feed their puppy/dog any dry or wet food they prefer including a raw diet except for anything associated with the “Ol’Roy” Brand dry or wet food. Failure adheres to these conditions so will void this warranty. The replacement puppy will be from the next available litter that the BREEDER has available at the time. The replacement puppy will be as closely similar to the puppy in question as far as color/marking and gender are concerned. The BREEDER will pick the replacement puppy out at their discretion. A new contract will be required to obtain the new replacement puppy but the warranty will not “restart”, as terms of a new warranty. Any disagreement with this warranty or terms of this contract will be handled in the court system of the Breeder’s Kennel county and state.
Disclaimer-Photos/videos on the website are not any indication as to the number of animals owned/harbor by/of the company or any branch. All photos and videos are being for educational purposes. Pictures and videos are owned by the company, licensed adequately from Adobe stock photos/videos or free use for research purposes under the Fair Use Act. The images are used for the sole purpose of providing a visual reference of each breed and not displaying any animal for commercial sale purpose. Disclaimer: Puppies, like people, are not robots and do not all graduate our training programs at the exact same level. Some pups will have harder times in certain areas, and it is impossible to guarantee perfect training with every puppy fully. The continuance of the commands has as much to do with the new family as it does with our training, so it is important for you to be prepared to maintain the given protocols. Elite Basset Hounds does guarantee that they will have worked hundreds of hours with each puppy and will do everything possible to prepare your puppy for its new home. Elite Basset Hounds will provide training material and a lifetime of support so you can continue training and socializing your pup.Any approved client can request photos of specific breeding stock if they have been on the pre-order list for 4 months.