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Animal Planet Dogs 101 Clip

Discussion and Analyze

This section will is to open a discussion about the information on the information presented in on this Dogs 101 clip about the PBGV and also as an example of the PBGV information you will find with most kennels that breed PBGVs. 

Our Analyzation of the Information

Animal Planet does an excellent job cramming centuries of information into a short 3:11 clip about a breed that has been around since the 14th century. Some of the PBGVs given as examples of the breed may or may not win any shows but they do appear to be healthy and that is the main point. We did notice some displayed as examples in this video might be bigger than the standard and the some of the coats appeared not within the standard as well. We would disagree with the amount of shedding as we have experienced very little shedding with any of our PBGV lines. Overall the video provides key points and overall accurate information about the breed so that most people doing research on the breed would be able to make a clear decision on if this is the breed for them which seems to be the purpose of the clip. This is an open discussion on this video. Please lets us know your thoughts. We love to discuss this more on our Facebook group page.