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Basset Artesian Normand

Often confused with the basset hound the BAN is a breed of its own. Very uncommon in the Untied States

Breed History

Documenting of the French Basset as a purebred breed began in 1870, and from a common ancestral type, two strains were developed. One had straight front legs (Chien d'Artois) and the other had crooked front legs (Normand). The breed club was formed in 1910 and the breed was given its present name in 1924. Bassets are walking hounds, which are followed by the hunter on foot. The short legs mean that they would not get too far away from the hunter. The Basset artésien Normand was used to hunt rabbits and other small game alone or in packs, but today they are primarily bred to be pets.


  • Pre-Order$1500($750 deposit)
  • Post-Whelp$2000($1000 deposit)
  • Airline Delivery (US,PR & Canada)$490
  • Ground DeliveryCall For Quote
  • Do we ship WorldWideYes-Contact for Quote

Breed Features

  • SizeMed Size
  • Coat lengthShort Coat
  • TrainabilityStubborn
  • Grooming requiredOccasional Grooming
  • Activity levelSome Exercise
  • Barking levelBarks On Occasions
  • Adult Weight30-40 lbs
  • HeightBelow 14 inches
  • Breed GroupHound

Breed Colors

  • Tri-Color
  • Bi-Color

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