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30% OFF
Pre-order Price

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LIMITED Pre-Order Spots Available
60% OFF Enter Code:LAST18

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Meet The

Miniature Basset Hound

A new small Basset breed.Also known as the
Parva Os Lux Basset


  • Pre-Order/Waiting List $2000
    ($1000 deposit)
  • Airline Delivery (US,PR & Canada)$380
  • Ground DeliveryCall For Quote
  • Do we ship WorldWideYes-Contact for Quote

Breed Features

  • SizeSmall-Med Size
  • Coat lengthShort Coat
  • TrainabilityStubborn But Eager to Please
  • Grooming requiredOccasional Grooming
  • Activity levelLots of Exercise
  • Barking levelBarks On Occasions
  • Adult Weight10-35 lbs
  • HeightBelow 14 inches
  • Breed GroupHound

Breed Colors

  • Black & White
  • Black Brown & White
  • Black Tan & White
  • Black White & Brown
  • Black White & Tan
  • Brown Black & White
  • Lemon & White
  • Mahogany & White
  • Red & White
  • Black & Brown
  • Black Red & White
  • Blue & White
  • Blue Tan & White
  • Brown & White
  • Tan & White
  • White & Lemon
  • White & Red
  • White Black & Brown
  • White Black & Red

Breed History

Miniatures do not require an excessive amount of exercise but should be taken for a couple of walks on a leash each day. It's best to let them sleep inside at night (despite the snoring). They do shed a great deal and do require proper grooming. To decrease shedding it is recommend giving the dog (1) fish oil every week. Although, like most dogs, they'll enjoy the attention that a good grooming provides. Mini bassets love affection and love to be held. Most will climb right into your lap.This breed was created to be a lap dog. They love human interaction. Miniature basset hounds, as well as the standard size hounds, make loving pets. They are exceedingly friendly and loyal, excellent with children, and probably the calmest and relaxed dog you're ever want to meet. The miniature basset hound has a lot of energy because unlike the Basset Hound breed the miniature weighs less. The Miniature Basset Hound is a lightly boned dog. This is to increase is agility and speed. The ears range from wide and long to long and skinny. Ears can also be medium length but large instead of long. This is an acceptable trait but not preferred standard. The ears can set high or flat and can be considered a fault of the breed.The ears should be able to overlap over the nose and this feature of the breed is difficult to see without actually performing the act. The body should be lean and smooth from the ribs to the back. The head should be smooth and snot should be elongated to a degree. Its head length from occiput to muzzle should be greater than the width at the brow. The overall head can appear domed or slightly oval. The coast should be smooth or wavy. The tail should never be docked and should have a white tip to its' end. They are good watchdogs, as they will usually bark at strangers or intruders, but rarely do anything beyond that. Even though they were not created for the sport of hunting they have been proven tracking and hunters by past buyers to be an excellent hunting dog, and sometimes used for hunting rabbits. In Europe, they have been known to be used to hunt badgers. Miniature Basset Hounds are 8 to 14 inches at the shoulder and weigh under 35 lbs under the breed standards. They do come in some of the same colors of the basset hound breed.: This breed is very loyal and clings to their owners.

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