Customer Reviews

James Paddock Featured Client-James

I have worked with Elite Basset hounds fo the past two years, they have always been responsive and helpful. I had to pass on two litters and teh company was very flexible. We just recevied our puppy and we could not be happier.

Karau Family

We have been basset hound owners for twenty years. Our current two dogs are both from Elite Basset Hounds (two different litters, one year age difference). They are now five and six years old and have brought amazing joy to our lives. They continue to be happy, healthy, beautiful dogs with wonderful temperament. They are perfect family dogs, adored by both us and our two children as well. They are a valuable part of our family and we are so thankful to Elite Basset Hounds. #EBH

Lisa Madden

I contacted Elite Basset Hounds in May (2017) to inquire about their PBGV puppies. The pre-order process was flawless. Customer service has been very professional and helpful in answering my questions along the way. I truly appreciate their responsiveness to any of the questions I have had. I have never had to wait more then a day for a response from either customer service or their contract department (actually the response time has been within an hour). I am thrilled about the perks that are offered through the pre-order service along with the promotions. I am really excited about the new addition coming into my family!

Matt Cohen

It was a long wait, but we eventually got a happy, healthy, PBGB boy. The vet was very impressed with his condition, and with the thoroughness of the breeders.

Alvah Thompson

We are on our 2nd mbh with elite and juan and michael have been wonderful for us. Our first mbh (little man rambo) now Gibbs has been the best dog we have had in our family. Healthy happy, devoted to his humans. The wait can be awhile if your have specific requirements. But worth it. These are wonderful dogs, with great temperament. Thank you elite!!!#ebh

Shane Williams

Contacted them about purchasing a basset hound puppy in 2015. Pretty easy process to get the puppy but it does take time and you have to be patient, especially when you are requesting a specific color puppy that isn’t even born yet. I had in my head the color of basset hound I wanted (one just like the hushpuppy shoe mascot) and the dog we have now (now 3 years old) looks just like the one on the shoe box. They were very responsive to emails and answered all my questions. Overall, great experience and we love our basset hound, Dixie!

Silest DuBois

This kennel is fantastic. Yes, they do some thing differently than other kennels but I am so glad I found them. I would absolutely go to them again in the future. I have already referred them to several of my friends.

Jordan Houston

I really love EBHs new style to the dog industry. They are very professional and produce stunning puppies as apart of their program. I love the pre-order program. I got my dog last year and it already knew stay, sit and come. I would definitely recommend them to my friends. My vet already said they are getting a PBGV as well from them A+++ service and program.