Breeding Program

Overview of Program

This section will cover our breeding program breeding stock and puppies. Our matching system works by viewing each dogs pedigree, color, personality, and age to make a probability table for the best breeding match-up possible. We have developed very specific program goals for each breed which covers the development, research, and preservation of the breed. We are staying true to the real purpose of a breeder instead of what most breeders are currently doing. You will find that most breeders do not have an actual program other than to make money, produce “healthy” litter, they love breed or to “improve” the breed. Our kennel is dedicated to our breeds. All dogs are checked once a year to make sure that they are in top breeding shape and proper test are performed to ensure healthy breeding. All dogs and puppies are kept a deworming schedule and UTD on all required vaccinations. All of our dogs are considered a big part of our kennel family. They receive plenty of attention daily, including going on nature walks, running outside, and swimming. We are always thinking of new ways to make sure that the dogs are enjoying their lives. Our research shows that dogs that happy dogs are key to a very successful breeding program.
This kennel provides the best possible care for all breeding stock. All breeding stock kept on breeding specific supplements and vitamins to ensure their bodies kept in top breeding conditions. All females are given canine three different kinds of prenatal vitamins to support preheat, breeding, gestational period, whelping, and post whelp. There is no one size fit all program for dogs so we have developed unique breeding programs for each female with the help of our experienced vets.  A significant consideration is taken when selecting the mating pair for the breeding season. The use of an ovulation detector and progesterone test are performed on all females so that the best time to breed is done. Both the ovulation detector and progesterone test are completed at the kennel as the kennel owns the equipment to perform this analysis. Approximately 20-30 days after the last breeding date, the kennel test the viability of the pregnancy with its ultrasound machine. All puppies are separated from the mother at the time of birth to ensure the puppies safety, and the kennel has staff that brings the puppies to their mother every two to four hours 24/7 for the first three weeks of life or until the puppies are ready to be left with the mother full time. By doing this allows for the female to recover faster, enables the kennel’s staff to properly examine all puppies for early detection of anything wrong with a puppy and to ensure the best possible care for both mother and puppy is being completed. If any puppy has an issue, the kennel has its intensive care unit to give ill puppies the best possible chance for recovery in an incubator with oxygen. Puppies will be able to leave the kennel to their new homes between 8-24 weeks old once the kennel’s vet and the kennel have BOTH cleared the puppy to be in best possible health. The kennel does not send any puppy to a new home that isn’t ready to be delivered, or that has not passed a health test. It will be hard to find another kennel that has this sort of breeding program with all of the items and care plans available for their kennel. We are also able to test for internal parasites. All puppies will come with kennel club registration from AKC, CKC, UKC, APRI or MBHC.

What We Do

  • Breed genetic test ran on all breeding stock including hip/elbow
  • Coat color test for accurate matching
  • Proper deworming and vaccination schedule
  • Pre-heat examination
  • Post-heat examination
  • Breeder’s edge Prenatal and postnatal supplements
  • Male supplements to increase healthy sperm count
  • Progesterone supplements
  • Ultrasound examinations from day 28 to last week of pregnancy
  • X-ray last week of pregnancy for estimated count and calcification
  • Weekly examinations during pregnancy
  • Anitobics to reduce the chance of any infections
  • Two emergency on-call veterinarians
  • To view what we test for CLICK HER

Why Our Program?

  • You are guaranteed a  free puppy. With the Hound Crate Program, we are legally bound to offer you a puppy or a full refund per contract terms and conditions. Our contracts are balanced to protect all parties and clients contribute to the contract so that it is custom for them. 
  • You have the final say on which your puppy select after test are performed to assist with coat color and health. It is our job to match you with the ideal puppy. 
  • Free 1 month Pet insurance with discount afterward
  • Housebreaking training started at 6 weeks old for all puppies. We also have added more advanced training options as part of our higher packages. 
  • GPS tracking collar
  • Microchip Implant
  • Comprehensive warranty includes Health/genetics, accidental death, and theft dog coverage for 1-10 years depending on breed ( No additional charge) – The warranty can last for 1-10 years which is superior to any other kennel/breeder of this type of program. We test our lines so we are confident in our program. 

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