Air Transport

Puppy will be shipped via United Airlines PetSafe Program from the kennels closest airport to a major airport nearest to your location. The PetSafe Program will make sure your puppy is walked, given food and water, pads changed, and provided a bath if needed. This is the safest and least stressful method of travel for a puppy. For all US, PR and Canada clients the shipping fee will be $490. Canada might have an extra $50 import tax. All other countries will need to contact the office for a price quote. All shipping cost are subject to change. Air shipping is not guaranteed as it is subject to the changing airline regulations and policies regarding pet transportation.

Ground Delivery

This delivery method is excellent for customers that are closer to the primary office location. We can do ground delivery to all of the US and parts of Canada. The puppy will travel by van from our office directly to your door. The price varies from $50-$1000. You will need to contact the office for a price quote to your specific location. This option is great for clients that don’t want their puppy to fly.

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