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Hound Crate Program

Program Steps

So how do you get a puppy from our kennel? Below you will find a summary of the steps for our Hound Crate Program process beginning to end. The Hound Crate Program is a unique service offered to clients by providing dog products, services, experiences and new canine companion for their needs. The company created this unique program so that all the puppies produced from our breeding and research/development program have homes to go to when they are ready. This is the only way we send puppies to new homes. The Hound Crate Program is an alternate (patent pending) service provided for clients instead of selling puppies for any type of consideration, which is the normal business practice of most breeders/kennels. The process is as simple as 1-2-3. First, you need to decide on the breed and price package you want then apply. Second, you need to wait until litters are born, matches are made and select your puppy. The third step is the most natural step, and that is merely getting your puppy and enjoying it. Scroll over the 1,2,3 icons below to view more details and for a full process break down scroll all the way down.

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    Buyer Application

    Review all the available information on our website and if you feel ready to move forward with getting on our Hound Crate program for your desired breed list complete our application so that your home can be approved. Once we approve your home as an appropriate home to place a puppy in we will send you a contract to secure your spot as a client waiting for a puppy. Now the waiting begins for future litters to be born.

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    Puppies Are Here

    Now the waiting begins. The average client experiences a waiting period of 6-14 months before their time on the program ends, and they are enjoying their new puppy. All clients notified when a new litter is born and when it is time to select their puppy. Once you have picked your puppy, it will be several weeks before it is ready to go to its new home. The puppy has to have all of its vaccinations, deworming, spay/neuter, test, training, and health certificate before it is ready to arrive at your home.

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    Puppy Time

    The final and the most important part of this unique program is now all in your hands. At this stage of the program you would now have everything in your package right in your home. You should relax and enjoy all of your free items including your new furry companion.

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Program Breakdown

The Hound Crate program is a unique program. You will often have us refer to it as the pre-order process or program service from time to time. This is a service that allows clients to get on a breed specific client list and reserve a spot on that limited list for a free puppy among other free perks as a client of the program. The average client typically waits 6-14 months on average. However, due to how often females go into heat and the numerous uncontrollable factors associated with the breeding process, in general, the program for each client can go past the general time-frame. This is because we are dealing with live animals on a small scale and not everything will go as planned. We do have safeguards in place that do protect clients from being on an endless process. The ultimate goal is client satisfaction. If after a certain period on the program has passed a client may become eligible for a full refund. This information will be located on a clients contract, which a sample is found in the forms section of this site. Currently, that threshold is 950 days. We believe this is a reasonable measure of time to allow for a full cycle of a healthy breeding practice even though we do not sell, exchange or lease dogs for consideration as the average kennel does. This threshold does not cancel your contract but allows you to request to cancel it to get a full refund. The below break down goes over how that 950 days might look like going through 2-3 cycles which for one female which we believe should be a reasonable amount of time to all Mother Nature to do its job which lets us do our job.

A bitch goes into heat every 6-8 months. That heat cycle can last 7-24 days depending on when ovulation begins. Once a dog is artificially inseminated; the gestational period last 63-68 days until puppies have arrived. Puppies can leave the kennel between 8-12 weeks of age typically on a standard package. However, if the Elite or Premium packages have been selected there will be additional weeks added due to the training before the puppies can leave  The time frame is depending on three factors ( puppy readiness, kennel approval, and vet approval). This process does seem long, but it is mother nature and cannot be rushed for any reason. A kennel is not designed to merely put out puppies back to back like an assembly line, so it is important to remember that life takes time as we want only healthy strong puppies. The typical wait time for a client’s program package to be completed is typically 6-14 months which includes the breeding process from start to finish. Clients should check with the kennel program updates page to confirm expected whelping dates. A due date does not guarantee a viable pregnancy. However, pregnancy test and ultrasound examinations are done to give a more accurate diagnosis of pregnancy and its’ viability. The kennel cannot control mother nature factors of any pregnancy. That is why all pre-orders and post whelp purchases are protected by a pre-order contract so that customers do not lose their money if breeding is unsuccessful for any number of reasons. Buyers are automatically moved to the next available litter if there are not enough puppies produced or breeding was not successful. The kennel does aid in making sure that the breeding stock is healthy before and after breeding and all females are given prenatal & breeding vitamins/supplements before, during and after whelping. The kennel also has its equipment such as an x-ray, ultrasound, and ovulation machine to increase the likelihood of a successful and healthy breeding program. So clients can indeed rest assured that we will always adhere to our contracts and that we will work to ensure clients are matched with an ideal puppy from our breeding program.

Once a litter is born, all clients are notified 72 hours after whelping to give them information about what to expect in the upcoming week as well as information about the litter born. The following week will be filled with test and what we like to call the puppy selection process. The puppy selection process or puppy selection event is the process used when matching clients to puppies that fit their preference. Once a match is made we will notify the client with a puppy offer email, and at that time they can choose to decline or accept a puppy. If they decline, they will remain on the program until another match is made. If they accept they are then one step closer to the fulfillment of their program packet. Now that the client has picked out their puppy we will begin testing, training and overall getting your puppy ready for release. After the puppy has recovered from the sterilization procedure, it is time for the puppy to get prepared to leave the nest. The final step of our program is sending the puppy to its new home.