Overview of Program

This section will cover our information on our 10-year full warranty and limited warranty. Our unique guarantee sets us apart from other kennels/breeders. We understand that the amount of money and time that gets invested in a family pet, show dog, hunting partner, and companion. So we created a warranty plan that we believe best represents that understanding.

The limited warranty is very simple. If your puppy becomes sick, injured or develops a disorder and you do not feel you can take care of the dog with your resources within the first year, we will replace the dog. This type of warranty is typically what most breeder/kennels will do in similar situations. This warranty starts at the time of transfer of ownership.

The full 10-year warranty starts at the end of the limited warranty or can start at the time of transfer of ownership. This warranty is unique to our kennel only, and you will not find the same level of assurance at any other kennel/breeder. The full warranty covers everything in the limited warranty with lots of additional perks. The first thing is that if your dog dies an accidental death, we will include that. We will put you back on our client list for another dog free of charge. The second thing we will cover is the theft of your dog. We know this issue is growing every year with dogs getting taken right out of their fences while owners are not home. If your dog is stolen, you will be put back on the client list free of charge. The third thing the full warranty covers are eligible reimbursements of eligible for vet clinic cost up to $100-$300 per year depending on the package level of the warranty. The last part of the warranty is if the animal replacement is an option and the animal is deceased then the client can choose to get the deposit paid on their package.

What's Included

In Warranty

  • Accidental death coverage
  • Theft coverage
  • Vet clinic cost reimbursements (eligibility requirements)
  • Replacement coverage
  • Genetic screening
  • 1-10 year coverage