Special Homes Program

The Special Homes is designed for clients that just the free puppy but do not like the Hound Crate Program. This is a great alternative way to receive a free puppy from our breeding program. You will need to apply and pay the nonrefundable $350 application fee. We have limited spots on the Special Homes list as you can imagine. It is not everyday kennels give away puppies. There is no time-frame on when you will get a puppy. It can take 12-48 months for a match to be produced. You will only be offered a maximum of 3 times. After that, you are removed off the list.  We do have other fees such as the sterilization and delivery fee, but they are not due until after you accept your puppy from a selection. If you are interested in the Hound Crate Program which has a lot more perks but it does cost more money to reserve a spot on the program and has a shorter time-frame to get everything in the package. The puppy is still free but everything else you are paying for plus there is no application fee or sterilization fee to worry about.


A Few Facts

About Program

  • You on the list for free and receive a free puppy when available
  • The application fee is $350 and nonrefundable.
  • The sterilization fee is $150 and nonrefundable
  • Free gift package
  • The delivery fee is $150- $500 depending on which method of transport is chosen such as ground or air transport. Learn More
  • There is a 1-year limited warranty. Additional years can be purchased at $100 per year (optional)- Learn More